It is a great privilege to be a member of and contributor to N.A.L. For me it has been a wonderful and very full decade. Through  regular attendance particularly the past five years I have experienced a profound transformation Network arts provide a safe creative studio where  there has been continuing support art, ideas opportunities within a resourceful community. You will see within this website many images that I have produced under the Network Arts umbrella. I studied at three Art Schools culminating in a Masters degree.  I am a Millennium Fellow I received this accolade for service and commitment to the community.

Network arts provide many people with therapeutic work opportunities we also celebrate as a group and had an eight-piece house band in conjunction with Portugal Prints a similar community. There is always a great atmosphere at these events and there are possibilities to perform poetry or music. Network Arts is a rare and precious community I know all those connected will continue to preserve Protect nurture and as our Motto states. With healthy growth in mind.

Philip J Baird M.F.A. M.A.F.